ITV-SMT implements the following basic types of assembly:

Visual inspection All assembled PCBs go through visual inspection as to accuracy of electronic components mounting: presence, offset, polarity, microcircuit orientation, soldering quality. Besides, by customer request we implement assembling of construction units into cases and assembling of finished products with further follow-up function inspection on test equipment of customers.

We implement selection and purchase of radio-electronic components according to technical requirements of customers. We maintain friendly relations with leading manufacturers of PCBs and suppliers of radio-electronic components in Ukraine as well as abroad.

When using our service your receive:
  1. Fixed and predictable costs. Now you now exactly how much assets and time requires performing the order. We aim at achieving the lowest prices in Ukraine.
  2. Minimum term of product manufacture. All launching processes of new products are perfected.
  3. Admission to high level technologies and decisions as well as to know-how. Specialists of our company have 7-years experience in automatic assembling of printed circuit boards and cooperation with the most demanding customers.
  4. Reduced risk. We guarantee high quality of work. Our enterprise is passing through certification process on ISO9001:2000 quality standard.