Technological process

Modern equipment and wide connections among manufacturers allow us watching over technologies modification, master and improve methods of assembling of new cases. That is the reason why cooperation with our company allows solving of unique tasks and put competitive product on the market on necessary term without investing in in-house facilities and storehouses. When manufacturing electronic products by request, we relieve customers of industrial problems, releasing time for creation of new advanced developments and improvement of sale system.

Cooperating with our engineers on stage of product elaboration customer enters market with new product more quickly avoiding expensive design changes and over-production. Our management and engineering personnel has got intensive training on Lucent Technologies plants in Europe and has 7-year experience of work on manufacture of world level.

Diagramm of PCB assembling process

Screen printing of soldering paste or glue

is executed on: Stencil for DEK-265: Stencil for TECHNO-SD/300:

SMD components mounting

I Executed on Universal Instruments AdVantis SMD-components placer.
AdVantis Basic features: Quality criteria in compliance with IPC-A-610C international standard.

Supervision of components mounting and soldering

Supervised: Quality criteria in compliance with IPC-A-610C international standard. The supervision covers 100% of components.

Convectional soldering of SMD components and glue curing

Executed in Vitronics Soltec XPM2 convectional oven.
Basic features of XPM2:

Conveyor manual mounting of THD components

Conveyor width retargeted. Axled nad radial components are mounted on PCB manually.

Wave soldering of THD and SMD components

Executed on Vitronics Soltec DELTA C wave soldering machine.
Basic features of DELTA C:

Final assembling

There is available wide range of multipurpose tolls and devices used in final assembling process on our manufacture. This tools help in carrying-out most of operations on components' development, products repair and mechanical assembling: Pace MODEL ST 35W soldering station with PS-90 soldering toll, Pace MODEL ST 75E SX soldering stations with SX-80 thermo-bleed, TJ-70 thermo-phene, Kolver RAF38 PS electro-screwdriver, NTG-4 set-up for PCB furrowing, electrophenes, thermo-pistol.


It is possible to realize functional check of products on customer testing equipment using our gaging equipment.

Quality supervision

Quality criteria - in compliance with IPC-A-610C international standard. The supervision covers 100% of components.
PCBs quality is guaranteed by: