About company

ITV-SMT subdivision of ITV company offers service of contract manufacture. We possess the latest stock of equipment for PCB assembly, and give unique opportunity to companies to assemble their goods in the shortest possible time with high quality level. At the same time we are open for clients with small values and not complicated PCBs. Availability of modern equipment on our factory does not result in establishing of high prices on our produce.

We follow malleable price policy due to high production volume and low scrap rate. High professionalism of personnel allows performing orders of different rates without lapse and delay.

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5, Kurgannaja street
Chernigov, Ukraine, 14000
Phone: 38-0462-603693
E-mail: smt@itv-smt.com.ua

1, Uritskogo street
Kyiv, Ukraine, 03035
Phone: +380 (0)44 248-65-88
Fax: +380 (0)44 245-16-62
E-mail: sales@itvsystems.com.ua

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