Hardware and technical resources

SMD line capabilities

Screeen printer for application of soldering paste and glue

DEK-265 Horizon 03 screen printer for soldering paste and glue application

  • The printer allows application of soldering paste or SMD glue on PCB through stencil in automatic mode.
  • Stencil design and order is executed on the basis of input data received from customer.
  • The printer is provided with quality control of soldering paste application.

TECHNO-SD/300 hand screen printer for soldering paste and glue application

If necessary it is possible to apply soldering paste or glue using hand screen printer of 3 size.
General properties:
  • maximum PCB dimensions 220 320 mm.
  • maximum stencil dimensions 230 340 mm.
  • matching of stencil and PCB is implemented using microscrews.
  • Paste is applied by means of filling knife.
Hand screen printer for soldering paste and glue application
SMD components placer

Universal Instruments Advantis AC-72 SMD components placer

  • Capacity according to IPC9850 test - 14 500 CPH.
  • mounted componnets from 0201 to integrated circuits 5151 mm.
  • bridging distance of integrated circuit 0,3 mm.
  • set-on acuracy: 60 micron @ 3 sigma particle.
  • 72 slots for feeders (max up to 144 8-mm belt rating values).

Vitronics Soltec XPM2 convectional oven

  • Number of heating areas 5.
  • Number of cooling zones 2.
  • Possibility to use lead free technology.
Convectional oven
Wave soldering machine

Vitronics Soltec Delta wave soldering machine

Wave soldering and surface mount technology ensure shortening of time for PCB components assembling by dozens of times, which reduces cost price of product assembling.